Why Poor Men Don’t Get Laid

Geplaatst op 27-03-2024

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A poor man is an unattractive man – A poor man has no spark in his eye and is overly serious – A poor man is scared and powerless in this world driven by capitalism – A poor man has no external signs of success or status.

This is not to say that a poor man is not spiritually at peace, happy and content with this life… This is not to say that a poor man is not extremely intelligent… It just means that they do not value money the same way rich men do… either that or they have not found a way to provide value to this world in the scale that is necessary to be rich and free up their time.

Poor men do get laid – but they get laid by 3rd rate women… Women that have neither status or beauty. Poor men know that that they are NOT their gf/wifes first choice.

She may tell him that that she loves him…But if conditions change love can seem a fickle and transient emotion that represents your feeling at the time rather than a fixed agreement between two people.

If you are feeling particularly anxious about your future or scared about your current situation you only have to look at your finances to see why. It’s not that their is anything speical about the money – Rather it’s what the money can do. Money can give you power… Not the power to be greedy but the power of CHOICE. Men feed of being able to do what they want when they want. Money gives you the ability to laugh at those that spoke behind your back… It gives you the confidence to approach that women knowing that it matters not what she says.

You know walk in fine leather shoes and drive a sports car but it’s not the material possessions that give you confidence. It’s the knowledge that no matter what happens today… You can wake up tomorrow in your comfortable bed and NOTHING can harm you because you have choice.

In a world so uncertain as this women  CRAVE certainty.

Can she be certain that their will be food on the table tomorrow with a poor man?

Can she be certain her children will grow up happy and successful with a poor man?


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Do you believe that love can conquer all?

Poor men often do have a lot to offer and money isn’t everything right? When I am talking about poor men here I’m not talking about those that are in the middle of the road… Perhaps a little hard up but able to get by. I am talking about those men that are so crippled by their finances they are frozen with fear and completely powerless as a result.

But think of this like a scale – the more money you have (up to a certain point) the more choices you have and the more attractive you become to women. Do you want to be in the middle of the road all of your life? What would another enjoya year do to your quality of life?

Poor men get laid, they may even enjoy a quirky hobby or two… But they get left behind. They end up in a overly quiet town where nobody really cares about them or visits them. They provide little value to the world and therefore the world provides little value back.

Rich men have the choice to live wherever and however they want and it’s this power that causes them to attract women in their thousands. Have you heard of magnetic attraction? It’s like you become some of sort of popular celebrity – women notice the knew energy and purpose in your life and of course they want a part of it.

So it’s not that poor guys don’t get laid… because everyone does eventually… It’s that rich men get laid by the most gorgeous women in the world despite their looks, personality or physical shape.

If you can find the confidence within yourself without the requirement of money and the freedom and choices that it brings you may just get laid like a king.